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"I will clean and check out the magnet": It is the same work as just replacing it, so I would put a new one.  I used neodymium magnet, less prone to oxidation, or so I was told. It is a regular industrial magnet widely available. If you can't find 10 x 8mm you can use 2 pieces 10 x 4. Just in case, measure the diameter of the hole before buying.
By the way, you can use any magnet you have aboard to test the reed sensor manually.

"...drill out the old one or maybe knock it out with a 10mm dowel and mallet?": Mine easily got out just pushing and pulling. It was fixed with silicon.

"...swap the gypsy from the secondary windlass": check first if there is a hole already opened in the secondary one. 

Good luck


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In Greece you can find Lewmar parts here:

They have many shops in Greece and they can also deliver to you.

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This forum is amazing!  So much knowledge and experience..

So, I will clean and check out the magnet and swap the gypsy from the secondary windlass too to see if that makes a difference. Also, I will check that the sensor has not slipped down. I can see it is about 3mm below the top surface, which seems ok according to Bill's table of distances. (It's a grey sensor)

The consensus seems to be that there is no connector in the cable-run, in which case the trouble is either with the sensor or magnet. 

If I need to replace the sensor, it seems I can either drill out the old one or maybe knock it out with a 10mm dowel and mallet?  The grey sensor kit comes with a magnet, so I will replace that too. Getting my hands on the sensor kit while cruising in Greece will be a little tricky.

Thank you Vladan, Dimitris, Nick, Roque and Bill. I have been helped up this little learning curve very quickly :-)
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