Re: Fresh Water Pump stopped working

Alex Lomakin

Dear all,


After having sent to all of you my previous desperate message, yesterday I spent another few hours inside the engine compartment and here is my report:


  1. I scrolled once again through the Bill’s Amel Book, then its online supplements and, although before dismantling the pump was working flawlessly, just in case, I watched the YouTube clip on how to adjust the pressure switch, where it was also suggested to check whether the switch’s “orifice” was clean. So I did just that and here I had my biggest surprise so far: the “orifice” was completely clogged with some very nasty looking rusty goo, which must have accumulated there since the boat was launched some 18 years ago…
  2. I cleaned the “orifice”, put everything back together - no luck.
  3. Then I disconnected hoses from both the suction pipe and pressurised water nozzle, put the suction hose in a bottle of water, ran the pump again - nothing.
  4. Lastly, I decided to “prime” the pump manually and filled it with water from the bottle, switch the pump on and finally it had spit the water out with a very good pressure!
  5. I primed the pump manually again, connected hoses back to the system, switch the pump on and (OMG!!!) the water has started running merrily from all taps, etc. In due course, the pressure switch clicked off, then on and so on in a very normal fashion - problem solved…
  6. No, it was not solved as I have noticed a very small leak dropping down from the pressurised hose or so I thought. The hose, however, was completely fine. And here was my second surprise: the small leak was coming from underneath and old completely discoloured sticker with some signs of corrosion on top of the accumulator tank. So I scratch a bit of the sticker off and there it was: very thin and “beautiful” column of vaporised water as if it was coming from a domestic room humidifier… The tank had a very tiny corrosion crack in it and, obviously, the pump could not self-prime, etc.


My biggest question, of course, is why the pump had actually worked before my not-so-divine intervention and the only “scientific” explanation I could think of is that the tank has been corroding for quite some time by now and given that, once dismantled, the pump was exposed to the sun a couple of times for a few hours (while lying on the deck), the tank has finally cracked in its weakest spot due to the metal’s thermal expansion (recently daily temperatures in Port Napoleon have been well above 30C in the shade and closer to 50+C on the open sun).



Anyway, my next problem is where to get a new accumulator tank from (for now I refuse to give up and buy a new pump…).


The tanks available on SVB are too wide and will not fit.


I have come across a Spanish online seller, which seems to have a correct tank (, but, although it seems to be able to sell its products to international clientele, it has “demanded” a number of my ID Card to process the order and ID Cards are not introduced in the Blighty, at least yet…


So, guys, has anyone of you bought anything from the Imnasa and how did you do that, please?


Or, if you have any alternative suggestions on where to get a new tank from, I would really appreciate your help.



NB    Tomorrow I will myself try Nicola Collins from Nauticool recommended by Bill.



Thank you very much,



SM 416


PS     Dear Slavko, thanks a great bunch for pointing out “item 25” to me. I hope it shall help me prime the pump after I fix it (keeping fingers crossed…)

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