Dangers of Halyard Jam & Wrapping on the Forestay


All Amel owners, All Models,

This is important. 

I am seeing more and more of this halyard wrapping problem. I wrote everyone about this several months ago and since then there have been 3 incidences that have occurred on Amel models including a Super Maramu, A54, and A50. Loose and mispositioned halyards at the mainmast top on any sailboat are dangerous and can lead to dismasting, losing most of the rig, and serious injury or loss of life.

When a mispositioned halyard or loose external halyard jams and wraps around the forestay, the operation of the furler can untwist the wire, severely weakening the stay. If one of your foresail halyards breaks, it is possible that the forestay has been severely weakened. Be sure to inspect it closely. This is what it will look like at the swage at top of the mast. 

My Recommendations (Bill Rouse):
- You should be keenly aware of the possibility of a halyard wrap causing serious life-threatening issues with any Amel model
- Inspect the forestay at its connection to the mast at least once a year and/or immediately after the loss of a fore halyard.
- Before sailing, you should inspect all external halyards and ensure that none will interfere with any other rigging
- Store the extra halyards away from the genoa furler, on the sides very tightly (NOT ON THE PULPIT), and don't install too many halyards
- When sailing, always keep all of the foresail halyards very tight
- When not in use, store the gennaker/spinnaker halyard behind the spreaders and tightly to the rail.

CW Bill Rouse Amel Owners Yacht School
720 Winnie, Galveston Island, Texas 77550 

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