Re: shaft brake too loose

Alan Leslie

"drill a hole in the forward calliper where the piston engages it. Get a bolt and 2 nuts and tap the drilled hole with the same thread. Put one nut on the bolt and then thread the bolt through the caliper until the nut is tight against the piston.  Weld the nut onto the caliper. Remove the bolt and add the second nut as a locking nut and reassemble.  This way I would be able to adjust the pressure on the piston in the future to account for wear that kept the brake from holding."

I did almost exactly that, but no welding, just drilled a hole in the caliper, tapped it, put a nut on a bolt and threaded the bolt into the hole. Adjusted everything so it all worked and did up the locking nut on the outside of the caliper to hold it in place. It's been like that for 6 years and I have never had to adjust it, There's still plenty of meat on the brake pads, and even though I bought a new set of pads from Maud, I'm not going to change them out until the current pads are worn out.

Elyse SM437

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