Re: Saloon 9eh Climma Air Conditioner replacement

Mark Erdos

Hi Eric,

Hope all is well.

As my Climma units die, I have been replacing them with Webasto FCF Platinum units. I am very happy with these. My oldest Webasto unit is 2 years old. The plumbing for seawater is the same size and the units are plug and play. It includes the control panel, so this is an additional savings. The units appear to be well-made.

One of the key selling points for me was the cooling water requirements (GPH). It is much lower than Dometic requirements and as you know the Amel moves the same water through all 3 units, so it is good not to have a finicky unit that will shut down. Also, they are less expensive.

Hope this helps.

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On 6/6/2022 3:44 PM, Eric Freedman wrote:

Has anyone replaced the Climma compact 9eh unit in the saloon?

I replaced the aft cabin one with a Dometic, but it will not fit under the seat in the saloon.

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