Re: [Amel] Autopilot Linear Drive on a Sharki?

Geoffrey Tyers <geoffrey_tyers@...>

I have fitted a B&G linear drive to the  rudder quadrant of my Sharki #127 . It works very smoothly. The Drive is attached to a plate that bolts to vertcal frame members and has no problem with full travel and does not involve the skin. The complete system is located in the compartment that locates the rudder post. 
Next time i am at the boat i will take photos and post them to the group

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From: GrahamJohnston42 <>
Subject: [Amel] Autopilot Linear Drive on a Sharki?
Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2010, 5:03 AM


Hello All,
Has anyone fitted a linear drive to a Sharki rudder quadrant?
A hydraulic unit is my first choice but I would go for an electric if need be.

I want to fit a complete duplicate autopilot system as we have a Raymarine ST6002 with rotary drive installed and expect it to fail at some stage.


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