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Also, this might be the last resort but do not rule out a machine shop fabrication of a replacement bushing or any other part. 

As your boat and installed devices get older and parts become rare, you may have to find your "favorite machine shop."


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   Back in 2016 I had a freshwater pump for the UK version of the Perkins 4.154  engine shipped to a friend in Palermo, Italy.  The pump reportably fit and the shipping while expensive was fast.  Here is the company link:  www.loaderpartssource.com.  My contact was Amanda.  If you need the part number let me know and I will locate it for you.    I have had pretty good luck with parts ordered from Parts4engines, I am surprised that you have heard that the bolt pattern for the pumps they are selling are incorrect.  Parts4Engines just shipped me a top end gasket set and processing took one day.  Shipping is fast to the US, not sure about Italy.  Best of luck. 

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Thanks James!
We now suppose the serial number was written incorrectly or we read it wrong. And that the V is actually a U for United Kingdom 🤣

Unfortunately I think the parts 4 engines does not have the pump with the correct spacing between the bolts...we have heard good things about the company from our friends also.

Thanks for all the tips. We'll try everything we can! And we'll try to get in touch with Umberto. Hope he can help us.


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