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That EAU alarm, if not modified has two sensors. One is a high water alarm that was originally mounted behind the AC water pump, the other is a vacuum switch that is connected to the sea chest. I do not believe that Amel installed a MASS system check in your SM when new. I believe they were not installed in the SM until about 2003. Yours, if installed by Amel, is probably working unless the bulb is burned out or the toggle switch needs replacing. If yours is lighting up, look at the last photo which is a snippet from my Amel Book. This may help you. I have more.


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On Wed, Jun 8, 2022 at 8:38 AM Willem Kroes <kavanga@...> wrote:
Hi Amelians,

I have a question about this alarm on the port side of the entrance in my SM 2K. The manual is not very clear about this and also not about a sensor placed in the engine compartment. This feature is not working for years on my boat, but I am curious about for what goal it has been installed by Amel and how it works. There is also a switch to "mass +" and "mass.-". If the sensor is not working, can a replacement be bought from Amel?

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