AGM storage and Solar question please.

Porter McRoberts

Hello All,
I am hoping someone might have done a bit of thinking on this question, who has greater insight on AGM chemistry than I.  

My questions surrounds storage of AGMs and solar charging.  I have noticed our Victron Multiplus 3000, when plugged in at the dock for extended periods, stores our AGMs at around 26.6v noting “Keeps the battery at reduced constant voltage to limit gassing and corrosion, slow self discharge is prevented by an automatic refresh of the battery with a short absorption charge.”  

When away from the boat, I generally unplug from the dock, because of lighting issues, and the false sense of security being dependent on the dock breakers, wires, etc as someone is not looking at the boat every day.  And we have plenty of solar-which I regard as more reliable than the mains source.

So the question is: when away for extended, multi month-long periods is it worth reprogramming the MPPT to mimic the Multiplus at 26-27v as opposed to the normal MPPT cycle of 28.4v absorption and 27.0 float?  

Very appreciated,

Porter McRoberts
IBIS A54-152
Newcastle, AUS

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