Re: AGM storage and Solar question please.

Alan Leslie


Not having any great insight on AGM chemistry, even though I have had AGM batteries for more than a decade, I have ALL the charging devices on Elyse set to exactly the same Absoprtion and Float voltages.
So whether Our Victron Skylla 100A charger, or Pronautic 30A chrager, is on shore power, the engine alternator is charging controlled by its SMART regulator, and/or the Victron MPPT 150/35, the charging characteristics are all the same...and for our batteries that is 28.8V Absorption and 26.6 Float ...which, of course, is battery temperature dependent and all our chargers have temperature sensors.
Why would you want different voltages depending in the charging source?
Seems to me that to look after the bateries as best one can, the voltages should be consistent.
Elyse SM437

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