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We have an Amel 54 fitted with the Brunton Autoprop and would confirm Jean's opinion. I understand that Amel have been fitting them for some years. It performs very well in both directions. It is particularly effective when motor sailing as the blades adjust themselves to perform efficiently taking into effect the drive the sails. 1200rpm is enough to add 2-3 knots in the right conditions

Because we are in preparing to leave the UK for an extended trip and the boat is out of the water I have taken the opportunity to take the prop to Brunton who are local to me and they are putting it back to "as new". They seem to be a very approachable and enthusiastic company. When you call them up you speak to someone who knows the subject inside out. They are also organised to send out spares.

Martin Bevan
Amel 54 #56 - Caduceus

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For what it's worth, I can say that I've been extremely satisfied with the
Brunton propeller (aka. as "Autoprop") fitted to my SM 232 by Amel. It's
efficiency in reverse gear is practically the same as in forward gear, and
maintenance is both minimal and simple. I've used it for about five years
without any problem although the boat covered pretty long distances as it
went from La Rochelle to Tokyo and back.

All the best,

Jean Boucharlat

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Subject: [Amel] Propellor

We are wanting to replace the fixed-blade prop on our SM with a feathering
or folding prop. Does anybody have any comments for or against any
particular brand?

Bob Parry

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