Re: Furler solenoid wiring from switch

Craig Briggs

 I just checked the wiring on my SN. From the cockpit control switches the wires go down  through a short pvc tube to the "floor" of the steering/autopilot/wiring compartment, then over to port, passing the autopilot motor, as you describe but then they go up to the area over the sliding ceiling access panel and head to the center of the boat in a bundled sheath (not a pvc pipe). . Then they go directly aft to the circuitry for the solenoids in the access panel in the head. I could not see if there is a conduit there, but I think there so, running between the ceiling and the underside of the deck. In the head I can see a small square opening cut in the fiberglass just above a solenoid, and the wires come out there.
Hope this is helpful. Let us know what you find.
Craig Briggs - s/v Sangaris / SN68  Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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