"Hull and Blocking Plan"

Eric Freedman


I have hauled Kimberlite over 10 times and never had to tell the yard where to put the jack stands. They usually tap the hull and find the location.

When they haul the boat, it is also a good time to use a hose sprayer on the hole in the rudder. You would not believe what comes out, many mussel shells and a few times shrimp that grew too big inside the rudder. I also use a very long threaded rod , I guess close to a meter long during this process and use it when I dive the boat.


When I had Kimberlite built, I had Amel mark the rail with arrows to indicate the lifting points. Once you haul the boat

It would be a good Idea to mark the rail for future hauls.  I have all Raymarine equipment. If you have the same , it is important to remove the paddle wheel speed sensor and put in the plug attached to the paddle wheel..

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376





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Ok, thanks.

So i assume there is no guidance on where the stands should or should not be placed but assume that in line with the chain plates is probably best, correct?

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