Re: storm sails for the SM and Drogue

Stephan Regulinski

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what type of storm sails have been used on the sm and kind of
or sae anchor?
has anyone flown a storm sail or used a drogue?
eric freedman

I have a ATN Gale Sail for my SMM (#303). It wraps around the genoa
and is hoisted by the spare halyard. I have used it several times,
most recently in a storm (winds gusting north of 50, where the speed
indicator tops out) in route from Portugal to the Canaries. We flew
this sail for about a day and a half, till the storm played out. I
am very happy with the performance and recommend the sail to those
who plan to do more than coastal cruising.

Since you must go forward to the forstay to raise this sail, you
must think about using it as you do reefing: raise the sail when it
first occurs to you that you might need it. Also, since the genoa
sheets must be removed from the car and turning block, tie these
sheets securelly down well aft of the bow so they don't get tossed
into something important. The Gail Sale has its own sheets. (I
tied mine at the bow once and the hanked sheet took out the
starboard running light.)

I won a Drogue, but have never used it.


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