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We have a second windlass on our Amel 54 which was originally fitted with 5m of chain, and I believe, 100m of rope and a Delta anchor. I assume that Amel configured it this way to be used as a kedge. It does mean that if you deploy it, and I have yet to use it, that it will only stow if you open the chain locker and manually feed the rope back down. This also involves emptying the sail locker, hence why using this anchor in its original format is not a popular solution. I have a Fortress with chain and rope as a kedge and this is stowed in the lazarette.

I have replaced the Delta with a Spade anchor to give me two first rate bow anchors and am considering replacing the rode with 50m of chain and 50m rope.

I understand from Amel that the chain fitted by them is 10mm ISO galvanised which I assume matches the Lemar winches (although Lemar quote this as being 9.5mm) but they have not specified the grade. I have been offered suitable chain in Grade 30 but see also that Grade 40 is offered by other suppliers.

I would be grateful for opinions and experiences on the various aspects of this.


Martin Bevan
Amel 54 #56 - Caduceus

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