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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Nick. Rubbing a candle along the seams is very effective and surprisingly long lasting. Just repeat as needed.
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On 17/06/2022 14:53 Nick Newington via <ngtnewington@...> wrote:

Last year I had new plastic windows on my spray hood as the old had gone opaque.
I have spayed the whole thing with waterproofing agent but the stitch holes around the new windows drip a bit in rain. Close inspection shows why. There are visible holes.
The spray hood is very good but the drips annoying.

I was thinking to treat with a wax, literally rub a bar of wax along the stitching, periodically.

One day I may go for the hard top solution but in the meantime I am keen to find a simple solution.


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S/Y Amelia
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