Re: PredictWind Presentation - and some extra info on GRIB files

David Vogel

Good ZOOM hook-up - thank you Bill & Tilo for organising and moderating.

I learnt a few good things: use of high-resolution models for local forecasts; and the better speed of the PWoffshore APP because it caches data locally.

If you are like me, a little 'old school', preferring to access and study all kinds of weather information from diverse source, or for those interested in some more detail and background information about GRIB files, the attached Weather Compendium provides a general overview about how to obtain and use GRIB files, and other sources of weather data, albeit with a focus on French Polynesia. See section 32.

As background, I have been using PredictWind on and off for 8 years - as only one of the many tools in my weather toolbox - and trialled the PW PROFESSIONAL level of subscription for our recent trip Fiji-NZ, during which we encountered some gnarly weather. The responsiveness and level of support from the PW team is second to none.

That said, as a weather 'geek', I still prefer to run my own weather forecasting and routing tools, and my "Go To" tool is Weather4D on an iPad, which I have also been using for passage-making since 2014 without complaint. Weather4D allows me to easily run and re-run various routing scenarios whilst underway, without needing to go online each time, as is the case with the PW Offshore app. There are a number of other apps and PC/Mac applications that do the same thing. But for many cruising types, increasingly PW is a fully capable and functional tool for visualising key elements of the weather forecast.

I hope the attached is of some interest.

SM#396, Perigee

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