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Hi Ruslan,


I have the Stay sail sheets running thru the fore & aft adjustable car on the applicable side on the foredeck; from there thru the “eye let” on the side of the hard dodger and then thru the jammer. I adjust the working Stay sail sheet, with the jammer OPEN via the small winch on the working side and then close the jammer when in position and take the sheet of the little winch. When not sailing or using the Stay sail it is hanging in a bundle from the grab rail on the dodger.


You must ALWAYS use the opposite (lee side) running backstay, whether only using the Stay sail ONLY or in combination with the Genoa.


For the active backstay I use the block which you show in your second picture for the gray line. But I have that gray line running on the side of the dodger as explained above.


Best Regards Teun

SV AMELIT  A54  #128



June 19, 2022 08:14:12


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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] A54 backstay and staysail and genaker blocks


A54 owners, can you share please the Amel intended way how to rig backstay, stay sail, and genaker blocks? 

from the user manual I found that backstay runners should be blocked to the main back stay u-bolt (photo attached). Is this what you were taught in the Amel training?

for the stay sail I found some of the pictures that show attaching a block to a Genoa block. Is this the way to go? Do you keep stay sail sheets in the jammer or take them out? The picture I’m attaching the angle suggests that the line does not run through the jammer. I assume that the grey line here is stay sail line since the grey was original color for A54 stay sail sheets.


and finally where do you attach a block for a genaker sheet? 

Thanks for your input. 

Fair winds
Ruslan Osmonov
Phanthom, A54 #44

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