Re: Windless Rubber Caps

Kevin Schmit

If you need the entire switch with rubber cap, you can buy from Vetus here in USA for $43/ech.  See info and part# below:



I apologize for the delay.


AFSTPB is only one direction. You will need to purchase Qty 2


AFSTPB is in stock ETA 5-7 business days. Price is 43.84 each


Above I attached our Credit Card Authorization Form you may fill out and return or feel free to call me at the office to place your order.


Thank you.


Mike Haberlan, Sales & Tech Support  |  Vetus Marine

135 Imperial Street  |  Merritt Island, FL 32952

Office: 321.454.3375  |  Fax: 321.452.7966


Kevin & Kristen Schmit
SM #362

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