Re: [Amel] Propellor

I have exactly the same configuration as you (SM316)
With a new turbo, boat cleaned, injectors cleaned etc etc ...
On the best sea that you can imagine I can retch 2850 rpm and a spead
of 8.25 knds
AND THAT IS NOT ENOUGH !! the power of the TMD22 is at this point
around then 40 HP !!
Conclusion : the seize of the autoprop is too big !

What you can do :

1. put a smaller prop (or re-pitch the autoprop)

2. Increase the power (one YOUR risk) of the engine by changing the
injection .... see my post (Bosch pump) it 10 minutes work !!

3. buy a AMEL 54 :-)

CottonBay sm316

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Hi, Gary,
The turbo housing had collected a lot of carbon, and I guess moisture
in the carbon deteriorated the inside of the turbo. It had pitted the
area where the waste gate closes against the housing to the point that
no seal was possible in the closed position. I don't know what happened
when the turbo was replaced by the first owner.

Initially I was of the impression that I should run the Volvo under
load at ~3500 rpm for 15 min or so twice a day when motoring a lot.
Since then I have been told by Amel that 3000 would be maximum expected
with the Volvo, and Laurent Colonna at Amel Caraibes said that 2850
would be adequate to minimize carbon buildup.

Does anyone have a SM with the Volvo TMD and an Autoprop? If so, can
you tell me what kind of rpm you are able to get when the prop's clean?
Can you tell me the serial number on the prop so that I can have
Autoprop compare it to the one on my boat? Thanks.

SM 243

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