Shaft generator doesn’t load

Roland Mueller


Our shaft generator was working fine, but after a total breakdown of our 24v supply (24v alternator defective and Onan generator not starting), it doesn’t load anymore.

Before the 24v breakdown, both control lamps (green and red) were off, when the shaft generator wasn’t in use. After the 24v breakdown and after recharging the batteries with shore power, the red control lamp is permanently on, even the control switch is off:

When trying to start the shaft generator (switch on, with enough speed under sails, and the prop turning backwards), normally the green control lamp should be on, but in our case the red control lamp remains continuously on, even sailing with 7 knots:

All cables at the shaft generator are well connected. It seems like the 24v breakdown changed some settings to enable the shaft generator to start loading.

Has anyone experienced this issue and knows how to solve it?

SM 150 Aventura 
Currently at Isola d’Elba

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