Re: BOW THRUSTER .Replacement cover does not align


I am not sure why there have been some fitting issues with these parts, but there have been.

Whatever you do, DO NOT USE THE OLD COVER. The old cover will appear to work but will misalign the new gears.


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On Sun, Jun 19, 2022 at 3:10 PM PAOLO CUNEO <pc43ge@...> wrote:
I am currently replacing the damaged gears of  the bow thruster (broken bearing), using the original Amel kit (incidentally,  out of stock at my normal suppliers, Amel Hyères– had to apply directly to la Rochelle). 
The shop doing the job for me (I am currently  COVID bound) reports a misalignment of the holes of the replacement black plastic cap  (two align, two do not). They say they will easily solve the problem  drilling new holes in the cap as appropiate. So far as I can remember, this same issue was already reported in this forum, but I attach the photos the shop sent me as they are very clear and possibly of interest for some Amelian Fellow
For a complete reference. Whisper was build late 2004, launched and registered 2005.
Paolo Cuneo


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