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Hi all,
I have to replace a 10µF and a 40µF capacitor, because they failed. I have seen that there is a resistor between the poles on the 40µF capicitor, but I don't know its size. Becuase I am not on the boat, I can not measure it or look at the coloured rings.
Has anybody the right values for this resistor?

SY ASHIA, SM2k, #357

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Hi all:

Each Climma Air Conditioner of the vintage of my boat (SM Hull # 335) has
five capacitors as follows:

1 each: 40 microFarads 420 volts to 470 volts (Biggest physical size)

1 each: 10 microFarads 420 volts to 470 volts (Medium size)

2 each: 2 microFarads 450 volts, 50 Hertz (small size)

1 each: 3.15 microFarads 450 volt, 50 Hertz (small size)

The capacitors that failed on my boat (and which I believe are the
run capacitors for the compressor motors) were the 10 microFarad
capacitors. The original ones were cylindrical and measured
3 inches long by 1 and 3/8 inches in diameter and were in a plastic
casing. They had 5/8 inch long spade connectors.

The replacement ones I found were ovoid, in a metal casing,
were larger physically and rated at 600 volts. None of those have
failed but were large enough that they would not fit inside the control
box that contained all the other electronic components. I attached
them to the outside of the box and insulated the connectors so
nobody would take a large shock if they shorted across the terminals.

If you are going to buy spares I would go for the 10 microFarad ones
and get them with spade connectors to minimize re-wiring.

Gary Silver
s/v Liahona
Amel SM #335
Delivery date July 1, 2001

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