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We use the twin poles for downwind sailing. We pole the genoa to one side and use the spin halyard to raise one of the balooners in the other groove. When we cross the Pacific we'll likely have both nylon sails on the furler. I would like to build another headsail that can be flown from a Spectra stay and we'll just use soft hanks on the sail. Works on VOR 70's so it should be easy enough.

Twins are kind of "old school" but they work really well downwind and on deep angles. For reaching an assym on a Colligo furler would be nice.

Try to keep the main off the rigging, especially if you have full battens, unless you like to support sailmakers (not all bad from my perspective;-)

Downwind you can try the twins without the main or just leave it up reefed. I like to try and not disturb the flow of air to the twins.

For short downwind trips you can pole out the genoa opposite the main and run wing on wing. I'm not sure about the caveat you heard about using one pole by itself. Maybe there is some concern about side loading the mast???? I can't think of a reason to limit use of a single reaching strut/pole combo but maybe there is something I'm missing. Maybe you could check with the factory or Joel Potter?

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Hi, again, all,
I've got a ? about what you do on very broad reaches and downwind when you only have a few hours of sailing on that angle. It seems I've done very little downwind work with "Kristy" until now, so am just discovering some things I haven't encountered until now. When I'm on a very broad reach,the mainsail rests on the aft shrouds of the main mast. Same true if I'm running downwind. I'm noticing a discoloration of the main where it rests on the shroud, and don't want to damage my sail. In a 15+ kt wind I can make fair progress with main and mizzen wing on wing, but was wondering if you use one of the downwind poles to hold out the Jenny? Seems like I read somewhere that you shouldn't use one pole only, but can't find it now and can't think of a good reason not to. Using both poles and the double headsail rig seems like a lot of work to sail for just a few hours.

So my questions are:
Do you worry about the main resting on the shroud when going downwind?
What do you do when your destination is directly downwind for 5-6 hrs of sailing? Do you sail on a broad reach and jibe, or pole out the Jenny, or something else?

Sounds pretty elementary, I know...but then I'm still in Elementary School.
"Kristy" SM243

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