C Drive lower prop shaft seals for 1992 Super Maramu

Andreas Stuben

Hello group;
My SM is losing a little bit of oil from the C Drive every week.  I can see occasionally the expected oil film on the water which obviously isn't good.  Water does not seem to enter the drive, oil looks clean and has not creamy foam.  I did email Amel in France about the 3 seals and bushing.  The responds after 10 days was "send us pictures of the parts" and I think there got to be a better solution.  I can't really haul out, remove the seals and wait a month or 2 on the hard until the new seals arrive.  That sounds pretty expensive.  Specially since this is a waer part that requires replacement on regular intervals.

Does anyone know the part numbers I need?  I bought frequently seals and bearings from 3rd party suppliers before but I like to stick to the Amel / OEM parts for this. The seals are really the least expensive thing here, the haul out and related stuff is where the money will go anyway.  I believe I need 3 seals plus a bushing.  I would prefer to order that to my US address.  

 #078 with hull number 0030017SM78 build in 1992
Looks like the cast iron version C Drive

I can order the parts in the US and look for a yard in Tahiti for the install.  Any recommendations are appreciated.

Michael Andreas - Maya SM078
Currently Tahiti French Polynesia

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