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Fine, tell me more after this job,
Try to ask him his opinon to increese the power by 1/4 of turn of gas
oil rate,
if possible try that with this guy,
bonne chance
/"tout est possible dans un monde infini"/

Kent Robertson a écrit :

Thank you again Jean-Luc. Very interesting reading. I'll let you
know what I decide on after I have a Volvo service mechanic look at
the engine one more time.
I am currently in St. Maarten in the lesser Antilles and will be going
north thru the Virgins and Bahamas to the Chesapeake by June 1.
Probably won't get to the Med until after I go thru the Panama Canal
and do the Pacific for a few years.
Again, thank you for your interest and help.
SM 243

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The principle of the injection pump :
http://www.landrove download/ file.php? id=293&sid=
b18eb0f36efecdc39& mode=view
The Bosch book in English : http://www.htsuk. BOSCH_VE_

1 - If you have air (turbo ok) and gas oil (injection pump ok) you must
have power
2 - My opinion and only mein is that the engine (tmd22) is not in
accordance with my propeller.

To solve MY problem without to pay to much I increase only a very little
bit the power (if you put too much power the cooling system is not
sufficient we have a tmd and not a TAMD),
If you have a engineer culture you can do that by your self if not find
a VERY good mechanical (like one for truck, not necessarily a VOLVO

Read attached files it will help you to understand your engine,
Hoping that can help you,
are you in the Med area ?

CB SM316

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Merci, Jean-Luc,
I already had the injectors and pump removed and sent to Volvo service
center for inspection, cleaning, and adjustment. No change in
performance was noted. After repitching the fixed prop I was able to
get 2850rpms, but only 7.5 kts. After only a month I am now only able
to get 2650 rpm with the same prop. KRISTY is on the hard in St.
Maarten getting a new bottom paint job. I'll be interested to see if I
can again get 2850 with the bottom and the prop cleaned. If it still
max's at 2650 I have to assume that I still have a problem with the
Volvo. I plan to find a Volvo service center on the Chesapeake and have
them evaluate the engine one more time anyway. If I'm back to 2850,
I'll have the autoprop repitched to allow 3000 rpm.

I'm not really clear on your post about "Increase the power (one YOUR
risk) of the engine by changing the injection". I looked at the link
but my French is so bad that it wasn't much help. Have you altered the
injection pump to feed more fuel to the engine to gain more power? At
what "risk"?

Merci, again,

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Subject: Re: [Amel] Propellor
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Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010, 12:02 PM

I have exactly the same configuration as you (SM316)
With a new turbo, boat cleaned, injectors cleaned etc etc ...
On the best sea that you can imagine I can retch 2850 rpm and a spead
of 8.25 knds
AND THAT IS NOT ENOUGH !! the power of the TMD22 is at this point
around then 40 HP !!
Conclusion : the seize of the autoprop is too big !

What you can do :

1. put a smaller prop (or re-pitch the autoprop)

2. Increase the power (one YOUR risk) of the engine by changing the
injection .... see my post (Bosch pump) it 10 minutes work !!

3. buy a AMEL 54 :-)

CottonBay sm316

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