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I am going to go into detail in this response because I believe there are some things that everyone needs to hear regarding your modification.  I intend no offense to anyone. I certainly do not mean to "preach from above!"

All of the following is based on 40,000 miles and 11 years full-time on a SM. It reflects my opinions based on my experience for those 11 years coupled with my experience with over 300 Amel owners with over 300 Amels.

First, the easy one: Based on your hull number, you have a 4JH3 Yanmar engine. The weakest point of failure on that engine is the wet exhaust elbow. You should order an HDI cast stainless steel elbow. It costs less and will last longer than your engine. You said you repaired the Yanmar. In my experience, TIG welding is a short-term fix. Replace it.

Second, your plumbing modification: 
I believe that it was the first two items that solved your problem. 
* use a coarse strainer in all showers and sinks to catch the solids 
* use paper towels to remove ALL grease and oil before washing the dishes and pans
What you installed is referred to as an Odor Trap or P-Trap on this side of the Atlantic. It is always installed with a vent to the roof in buildings.  It will block odor from the engine room in calm conditions, but will not block odor in conditions with the boat moving. What you installed will very likely trap water in the shower drain line between the shower and the gray water sump. It isn't necessarily an issue if you use it daily, but will become an issue if you do not. The soap in the water will sour and the water will become stagnant smelling worse than before, venting that odor back to the shower and sink. Also, if your boat is in a freezing climate, this will be one more thing to winterize. In addition to all of that, soapy shower water that lays still will create a slimy stinky scum that will be a challenge to clean inside your new plumbing. I always say that Henri Amel made his boats in such a way that he protected the owners from many failures. I think that you added a failure point and you should monitor this closely. Also, if you leave this in place, BE SURE to disclose this when selling your boat because I see too many owners new to Amel trust Henri's design only to find out later that it was modified by a well-intentioned previous owner.

Third: I trust that you have a Carbon Monoxide Detector on your boat along with a smoke detector. If not, you should install one.


CW Bill Rouse Amel Owners Yacht School
720 Winnie, Galveston Island, Texas 77550 

On Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 5:03 AM Stefan Jeukendrup <sjeukendrup@...> wrote:
Even a bilge cleanup every 2 months could not avoid periodic bilge/oil/diesel smell, mainly in the aft cabin.
But no longer., of it for the past 2 years and the bilge cleaning regime is back to 1 year.

These 4 changes together helped:
* use a coarse strainer in all showers and sinks to catch the solids 
* use paper towels to remove ALL grease and oil before washing the dishes and pans
* repair of a pinhole in the wet exhaust of the engine
* mounting a siphon in series with the white hose from the aft shower drain to the bilge, see picture

For me the last point is a safety issue too: a water filled siphon stops any engine room fumes from reaching the aft cabin.
(e.g. broken engine room extractor fans, leak in the exhaust system)

But as always, we have to be very carefull with non factory modifications.....looking forward to any comments you may have.

Stefan Jeukendrup
sv Malaka Queen
SM2K #348 @Newry, Northern Ireland

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