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I believe that all of us are thankful that you caught this early.

I want to use this opportunity to tell all owners with this Optional TV Package that I have seen far too many owners wire things to the original installation. The original installation on many Amels prior to the 54 was a source for 230v Inverter power, 24v power, and 12v power. And this is further complicated by the fact that almost all SM owners are at the least the 2nd owner. Regrettably, the wiring changes made by the previous owner(s) are almost never passed on to future owners and few current owners have any idea how it was originally wired. This situation is very common with the Optional TV Package and with the various 24-12v converters at the Nav Station.


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On Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 10:21 AM Stephen Nicholson <stevenich@...> wrote:
Hello Amelians,
Feels like we nearly lost our SM to a fire yesterday, due to a short circuit in an old style Grundig TV which was in a starboard compartment in the saloon. This TV, which probably is the same age as the boat, 92-93, was plugged into the mains and left on standby. We are on shorepower in a marina, at present. The story as follows:  been out for the evening and returned at 9pm. Noticed a smell of burning when opening the main hatch, and when inside the saloon there was a definite ‘fog’. Switched off all the buttons on the Mains control panel, grabbed a fire extinguisher and started to look for a culprit. Heard a crackling noise behind the leather cover which conceals the TV, pulled the cover back to be confronted by lots of billowing smoke (presumably due to more oxygen) but no flames, fortunately. I didn’t fancy using the fire extinguisher, which was a messy Dry Powder type, and i hoped that by cutting the power supply that that would be enough for everything to settle down, which it gradually did.
It seems that we were Extremely Lucky that we returned when we did and were able to deal with it. We may not have been so fortunate had we returned a hour later to a full blown fire.
My lessons learnt are as follows:-
1. Don’t ever leave any equipment on standby, especially if it is elderly.
2. Install smoke detectors, possibly 2. This scenario could easily have occurred at night!
I would be grateful for any further thoughts.
Steve & Gill Nicholson 
SM89 Antigua II

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