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Chris Paul

Hi Scott
My experiences getting
BOTTOM PAINT REPLACED at Riverside Drive Marina. (Whangarei). 

For environmental reasons blasting antifoul paint off was not allowed. So it was done by hand by Limbard scraper.  It was time consuming & difficult to get experienced workers). 

The marina staff were always helpful but were paranoid about any flakes of antifoul paint that might end up on the ground - fines if caught. 
They required big screens to completely surround the boat & tarpaulins underneath. This took 2 days to set up & frequently had to be fixed when the winds were strong. Of course, when spray painting the screens were already set up. 

local painter - Simon was very good. He painted the bottom layers. (Mostly spray paint - fast) 

I also considered doing the keel. I decided to wait until I could access a sand blaster. 

This marina was unsealed. Rain => muddy mess - difficult to keep out of boat
I certainly would research other places to get this job done. This job is not nice & labour intensive. Can you do it in Fiji? 
I am not sure - maybe soda blasting can be done in NZ but probably need to go in a shed (masts pulled)??

I upgraded my solar panels at Opua. I can recommend Cameron (someone else also recommended him) 
This job required some welding Garth the local welder did a good job. Unfortunately can’t weld in the water without council permission so this job is best done on the hard. 

Chris Paul
SM 352

On 22 Jun 2022, at 12:43 pm, Scott SV Tengah <Scott.nguyen@...> wrote:

Hi all,

We're headed to New Zealand this Austral Summer and have a load of projects to get done. I know some of you are from NZ and many of you have been there, so I'm hoping to get some recommendations for the following projects:

1) Strip hull to gelcoat and repaint. It seems that in NZ, soda blasting is less common than sand blasting. I'd also like to get the cast iron ballast stripped and recoated. We also want to raise the waterline.

2) Building a hard top for our A54
After this thread, I'm seriously contemplating having a hard top added. The current favored design is something similar to Soleil Bleu

3) Replace motor mounts. Two bolts have broken on our motor mounts so the motor will need to be lifted and the remaining studs drilled out.

4) Acrylic window replacement

5) Solar electrical. We want to add more rigid solar on top of the new hard top. 

Currently, we have an appointment for haul out at Norsand boatyard and they're mostly an "open boatyard" except for boatbuilding and painting. For projects requiring those tradesmen, we will need to use Norsand. If Norsand is not a good choice, I'm happy to switch boatyards.

Thanks in advance!
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SV Tengah, currently Tahiti, preparing for passage to Fiji

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