Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: storm sails for the SM and Drogue

Joel F. Potter <jfpottercys@...>

Dear Amel Owners,

While it is true that I am Amel's only associate for North and South
American sales, I offer the following strictly as an Amel owner. (hull # 400
of the SUPER MARAMU). This does not, necessarily, reflect the views of my
associates in La Rochelle.

For years I have recommended the ATN GALE SAIL to my Amel clients. I have
some personal experience with this storm sail and it works as represented by
ATN. As with any piece of gear, I highly recommend you play with it before
you absolutely positively have to use it.

If you contact ATN here in Fort Lauderdale at: Phone: (800) 874-3671,
(954) 523-3034
or Email and tell him that "Joel sent me", he will give
you my discounted price from retail on this essential piece of equipment.
You can view his web site at

All the best
Joel F. Potter

cc: ATN

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