Re: Whisker Poles needing work

Mark McGovern SV Cara


I did this last year after noticing a few damaged rivets.  I used these Aluminum Blind Rivets with Aluminum Mandrel
Domed Head, 3/16" Diameter, for 0.751"-0.875" Material Thickness from McMaster-Carr:

You are riveting three pieces together so you need a rivet with at least 20mm grip length.  I now inspect the rivets on the poles as part of my pre-departure checklist and so far they are doing fine.

Here's some pics of the worst rivet and the three pieces that make up the assembly:

Some of the holes were a bit "ovalized" which is not ideal for a rivet joint, but we've but sailed several thousand miles using the poles since I did the repair and they seem to be fine.  If I notice any issues over time, I will likely just drill four (4) new holes and rivet the new holes.

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Annapolis MD USA

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