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The copper grounding to the keel bolt in the bilge is not very hard to replace. You will need a series of socket extension rods to reach the keel bolt. The specs for making a solid replacement can be found here on the forum. However, I would advise to using a woven copper strap if you can get the material. The woven material is more conductive.


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On 6/27/2022 11:49 AM, Ben Levy wrote:
Hi everyone, 
Based on past posts, it looks like rust on the keel of an Amel is not something unheard of. My concern however is that, unlike what my surveyor told me, the grounding cable that is connected to the keel bolt in the bilge has obviously been long gone (I only found bits and pieces of a crumbling grounding cable). There is physically no way this can be replaced by a human without at least emptying the entire engine compartment.
As the corrosion on the keel is worrying me (more so that it is not connected to any anode), can I drill a hole in the keel to attach an anode? It might not solve entirely the rust issue but it would resolve the grounding one? Anyone has any thoughts or experience on this matter? 

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