Re: Keel rust and grounding

Charlie Kopp

Hi Ben-

I’m currently dealing with this exact problem. My Super Maramu is in a boatyard having the rust removed from the keel, but my bonding system is non-existent. I purchased a copper bar exactly like the one pictured in the photos section of this group. It is 1/8” x 2” x 48”. It was about $75 from Online Metals. As I live in Seattle, I didn’t have to pay shipping (you’ll find shipping is quite expensive on odd-shaped metal items).

i plan to shape it just like the picture (go to photo section and search for “bonding”). That post is for a Maramu so I’m hoping it will work for a Super Maramu as well.

It’s difficult and unpleasant dealing with cleaning and emptying your sump, but it’s quite possible. First time I cleaned mine I found dozens of treasures down there. I may post a picture later. It’s quite amazing how much stuff had been lost to the sump by previous owners.

you may want to get one of those grabbers where there is a small claw at the end of a long flexible shaft. That helped me immensely in retrieving items from way down there. 

I’ll share anything I learn when working on this. I’m struggling to understand exactly what needs to be connected. I know it needs to go to the rudder shaft. The rudder is hollow (and fills with water intentionally) and your anodes (zincs) connect to the stainless steel skeleton of the rudder. Apparently all underwater metal needs to get connected together, including your keel ballast (made of iron), and needs to connect to the anodes on your rudder. Those are the only anodes you need if the bonding system is intact. Apparently you don’t even need a zinc on your prop, although you’ll probably have one if it’s a MaxProp.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

-Charlie Kopp
-Cloud Seven (SM#50)

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