Re: Engine Room Hatch Insulation Adhesive

Nick Newington

I have glued back a bit of the insulation that was sagging a couple of times. I found single pack contact cement to be ineffective but two pack neoprene contact cement to work, so far.
Another option could be glue and to screw some battens to clamp it in place…If the insulation I just glued with the two pack fails then I will use some old sail battens to fix it properly…

Leros (about to haul out and leave the boat for two months)

On 1 Jul 2022, at 16:44, Paul Stascavage via <pstas2003@...> wrote:

Good day all.

I am currently in the process of replacing the steel backing plates for the gas strut brackets.

It is time to reassemble everything, and I am looking for a recommendation on what type of adhesive I should use to re-glue the insulation to the rubber liner on the underside of the hatch.  It appears that Amel originally used a very tacky ‘tar like’ substance during the original install.  It also appears that the previous owner used contact cement to re-glue some areas that were failing over the years.

I was planning to use contact cement, but I’m not sure if this is the best choice for this application.  
I would welcome ideas/thoughts from others who have some experience with this.

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