Re: Flat copper cable in the greywater bilge (Sm2000)

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Dear Bill, thank You very very much!! You were very kind, remember when you switch from Italy to write, I will welcome you!

Concerning the issue, the nut on the bottom of the bilge takes only
copper wire or even the keel? I can unscrew it without consequence?
And is this copper cable the link between all ground cables to sacrificial anodes on rudder?

Thanks again, Lorenzo (SM2 # 420)
Now in Italy (500 ft from home) :)

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The copper strap is the boat's ground system. You need to replace it.

See the photos and description in the photo section of this website:


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Cleaning the bilge water gray today I found this cable copper plate that appears between the broken bolt on the bottom of the bilge and the other piece that goes on top. I have no idea of what it is, you know what? This may be due to the fact that he turned on the indicator "masses -" indicating a dispersal?

SM2000 No. 420

Thank you very much, sorry 4 my bad English, I'm italian!

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