Re: B&G instrument covers and new ultrasonic speed sensors?


Hi Stu,


If the 4 analog B&G displays are the same as those on the AMEL 54 (and I guess they are) then those sun covers are out of production. In April and May 2022 I tried ordering here in AUSTRALIA as well as checking the internet and none to be found. Through a B&G dealer friend we were able to locate 8 x the H3000 (rectangular) sun covers in the AUSTRALIA B&G inventory of which I bought 5 (I have 3 of those H3000 units on board although only 1 possibly will be in the sun ).


To solve the problem on the 4 analog old style B&G covers I decided to replace the complete units with 4 TRITON units and ordered at the same time extra sun covers. One of the considerations to replace the existing (still working) B&G units was that the cable connection @ the back is getting brittle and sooner or later they will fail.


Although the TRITONS were ordered early May, promised to be here late May and then June they still have not arrived. Now the promised date is July 11, 2022 @ the dealer. BTW this dealer has 40 TRITON on order and so far unable to get them from B&G AUSTRALIA.


Best Regards Teun

SV AMELIT  A54  #128



July 3, 2022 15:37:47


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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] B&G instrument covers and new ultrasonic speed sensors?


Hi everyone:

I am looking for replacement instrument covers for my 4 B&G analog displays. Mine are beginning to fall apart.  Maybe someone out there has a few that they are willing to part with for the right price?  They don’t have to be perfect, just serviceable.  Or any suggestions of where to buy these new?  We are in the Mediterranean currently, but will be heading to the Caribbean in December. 

Also, I am looking for replacement B&G ultrasonic speed sensors.  They are difficult to come by, but I am wondering if someone out there bought some as spares, but don’t intend to use them.  I would make use of them  

Stu Holmes, 

SM 373, Oyai


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