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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Eloi and others who I am sure are out there with similar problems.
In my previous I commented that some hubs and propellers don't match well. I had some choices in my spares and found I could mix and match. However you are dealing with a nylon hub and fiberglass propeller. Both relatively "soft" materials easy enough to carefully adjust the fit. I say carefully since you want to retain true shape. It is possible to pare the hole in the propeller with the corner side of a flat file. There are engineers paring tools but I don't have one. 
As to hammering, I agree not a good idea when you think of the gears you are hammering against. A large G clamp (or cramp to some people) is a better alternative. A large socket (just larger than the hole in the propeller) on the propeller side and a piece of flat wood on the back of the thruster. Wind up the clamp (cramp) and the prop goes on smoothly. No banging with a hammer and much less chance of damage to the gears. But the better solution is to  make them a neat push on fit.
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On 04/07/2022 17:59 Eloi Bamberg <eloi.bamberg@...> wrote:

I had to repair my bow thruster a few days ago. I found it very difficult to push the propeller in/over the hub afterwards. I had to hammer it in, what can not be the right way to do it, but without that, the nylon screws did not really enter the hub. Maybe you have a similar problem.
I have a spare propeller and hub, which came together from Amel, there is the same problem, a too tight fit in my opinion. I think the interior of the propellers are not perfectly round, just poor quality.

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