Re: Onan generator does not start

Roland Mueller

Hi Miles,

I had a similar problem, which was related to the 30A inline fuse, which was blown.
The symptoms in that case are, that the Onan generator doesn’t crank or tries to start at all, even there are 12V measured at the generator.
If you look for this fuse, it’s hard to find: it’s behind the generator, at port side about 30cm from right if you are in front of the generator.
In my case, the Onan generator including wires etc. is all painted white, which makes if difficult to spot the fuse:

SM150, Aventura 

On 6 Jul 2022, at 19:58, Miles <milesbid@...> wrote:

I have an MDKAL generator that does not start.  It turns over, but does not start.  The fuel solenoid (I think) on the side of the engine turns on, the generator engine cranks, but there is  no sign of life .  Has anyone had this problem before?  Is there a fuse somewhere that I don’t know about?  Or what could be causing this? 


I will be grateful for any suggestions.  The boat is on a mooring and is missing the generator.




S/Y Ladybug,  sm 216 , Newport, RI

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