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I am not sure I understand your problem, and whether it is the same as mine, but here it is.

There are 3 hex screws that attach a disc (which allows the motor to drive the furler when it is powered) to the foil/furler. These screws do come loose. If they unscrew too far they can stop the foil rotating completely. Access is very difficult. When I explained my problem to Amel they told me that I needed to remove the whole Genoa foil and furler (18m or so) and ship it to France !!! The problem is that the furler disc is attached to the end of the foil with a very large hydraulic press !

My solution and that chosen on some other Amels, is to measure very carefully, and then drill an access hole through the disc that holds the line for manual furling, and is directly attached to the foil and is situated above the clutch disc. This disc can then be rotated over each of the 3 positions in order to either relace or tighten the original hex scews. You will need a long hex key. I have a special one which has a rounded head and allows you to approach the screw head at a slightly ofset angle. Beacuse of the flare on the end of the disc where it attached to the foil, you may have to drill a hole at a slight angle to the vertical.

Make sure that the drilled hole does not have any rough edges which could allow a stress crack to form in the furler when it is under load. Afterwards, fill the whole with silicone to stop water ingress. The screws should then be inspected regularily. Also you may want to put some Locktite on the threads before tightening

Hope this helps, and good luck

john Stonier, Santorin Allegra

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Does somebody have a plan of the electric furler unit off a santorin or SM i think they are the same.Some screws under the clutch have come undone and present a real danger>im now in las palmas and have to take the unit apart to put the screws back in place>Does anyone have any plans or pictures off this job>I read that these screws come loose more ofthen>Anyone have any experiance i tried to loosen the screws on top off the foot off the furler (grey alumimium part above the motor)result 1 screw out and 2 wasted and stuck inside.thats not a good averidge i think.So i need help!!! please send the plans/photos
or tips to my email adress

phil on Miles ahead santorin 101

ps.i mailed amel for a copy off the plans off the furler but got no respons

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