Re: tight the belt on Bamar 1.02

Nick Newington

The pulley should be tightly clamped with the aluminium housing as that is how the tension is set, the way the belt is tensioned is to rotate the (the one in your photo)pulley position so the belt is tight but really not too tight…
When I first bought Amelia my genoa furler was all rusty inside the housing. The belt was broken. I cleaned it all but first time set the belt tight and it only lasted a week. I then set it even tighter and it lasted a day. I then set it just gently snug and it has been good for 5 years.
Of course you could take out the motor and then drill and tap the hole deeper.

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Dear Nick

Thanks a lot for your answer. I do not think that seawater came inside. 
The pully is maybe dirty but rotating completely free. I cleaned it now, put oil and I am sure it is rotating perfectly. I thought that I have to tension the pully and then tight the screw so that the pully will not move. Am I wrong? My big problem is the thread...


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