Re: i still can't find the vents for the holding tank

Nick Newington

Remove the pipe work. Beat it on the dock, soak in acid and replace. Make sure everything is cleaned all the way from the choker valve to the holding tank.
Close the holding tank valve and fill with acid-vinegar or diluted muriatic acid. It will dissolve all the calcium….
If the pipe work is damaged replace with new…
S/Y Amelia

On 10 Jul 2022, at 23:24, Courtney Gorman via <Itsfun1@...> wrote:

Get an old piece of 10mm rigging slightly open one end tape the other end closed.  Then insert in your electric drill and “ drill out the clog.  Takes alot of time and patience.  Easier with 2 people one to control the drill the other to ram it into your hose.  Really fun work😬

On Jul 10, 2022, at 2:51 PM, Scott Fowler <yachtistic@...> wrote:

Was able to remove the cap with an Impeller extractor. My best guess was wrong, my issue isn't a blocked cap vent. I must have a blockage between the joker valve and the tank 🤦 Best fix, anyone?

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