Re: vibrating main mast spreaders on SM

Chip Beaman

  I have noticed this on my rig as well. I keep tweaking the sheets and jib cars to get the jib sheet axis straight through the center of gen then I keep adjusting it. It calms it down but still have some shaking. 
When the sails get old and stretched it will goof up the intended air flow and cause turbulence.  
I ordered and received mizzen, main, gen, and balloner from QSails and will be putting those on in the next month or so. I am hoping that solves the issue. 

I also have new Acmo rigging I will be putting on in the next two weeks. Will ensure proper tension obviously. Proper sail trim and standing rigging tension should solve it. If that does not do it, then I’m at a loss and will defer to the more seasoned Amel owners on this forum as well. Good luck man. 

SM2K #430

On Jul 11, 2022, at 10:49 AM, John Clark <john.biohead@...> wrote:

Hi All,
    on an easy sail (AWA 70deg, AWS 17kts, STW 7.5kts, 1.2m waves) I noted the main mast lower spreaders on both sides vibrating fore and aft..  Not enough to feel in the cockpit but obvious when looking at them    I made a super minor change in the sails and the vibration disappeared.    In six years and 12k nm I have not seen this before.   Has anyone else observed this rig behavior?

Regards,  John
SV Annie  SM 37
St Croix USVI

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