Re: Mosquito Nets

Mark Pitt

Sorry for the late contribution to this thread.

An inexpensive yet effective way to create port screens is to purchase the window shades for automobiles that are made with a plastic side that clings to glass on one side and a UV resistant screen that provides the shade on the other side, like these at Amazon (4 shade screens for$14.97)

These are available most auto parts store.

I just cut out the plastic, stitched a button in the middle, and attached thin shock cord to the button.  All my ports have something (like a mushroom) just inside that I use to tie off the shock cord.  The frames are so flexible you can ball them up into a bag, and the screens are too fine for no-seeums.  Mine have lasted years in the sun.

Mark Pitt
Sabbatical III, SM419, Northeast Harbor, Maine


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