Re: Santorin - Genoa furler lost his teeth!! :(



We have a spare halyard made from dyneema that runs to the top of the main mast

We used that tied to a bow cleat and winched tight and then set about removing the furler after first removing your Genoa 

I’m not on my boat so can’t check but I recall that we needed to drill rivets from the furler and disk where the forestay runs through the furler

Whatever you don’t need a crane cause the mast is not going to fall down!


John hayes
Nga Waka

On 12/07/2022, at 9:26 AM, Riccardo Reato <rreato@...> wrote:

Thank you guys
Amel have replied and confirmed that spare parts do not exist for early furler models.

I will look for a machine shop here in Italy that can do such part.

My other problem becomes now removing the furler  from the forestay without the full mast falling down.

Can I just loose the backsty and then completely unscrew the forestay to slide off the furler?
Or do I need a crane to do that?

Any suggestions/tips are super appreciated

Thank you!

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