Re: Santorin - Genoa furler lost his teeth!! :(

Ian Park

Your mast will not fall down. The shrouds will keep it in place. I had to remove the top furler (with the two ‘horns) as the bearings had seized. I slackened off the back stay, put a halyard on the big cleat by the windlass and tensioned it. This enabled me to undo the bottom of the forestay, detach the motor and gearbox, so I could slide off the top furler. BEFORE YOU START, You have to drill out the pop rivets securing the foil to the gearbox. Make sure the foil can lift out of the gearbox before you move on. If all the rivets are out and it is stuck, put a prussik loop around the foil and attach the halyard to it to crank it up a bit.

Good luck

Ian. ‘Ocean Hobo’ SN96

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