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WASABI - Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Joerg


I recently had the same screeching noise on my outhaul. I found out that my outhaul sheet was tighten too much.

I guess sometime ropes are shrinking a bit with salt water over time? After I released the outhaul sheet the noise just disappeared


Ruedi Waldispuehl

SY WASABI - currently in Corfu


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My outhaul winch has developed a screeching noise - see the attached video  I've confirmed the noise does not originate from the outhaul car.  I've opened up the plastic box containing the motor and gear box and cannot see a problem.  The whole thing was serviced just. a couple of months ago.  It is possible that the outhaul was overloaded recently since the rod inside the mast on which the sail furls has a bend in it.  Does anyone have a suggestion what may be wrong?  

Joerg Esdorn
A55 Kincsem
Currently cruising NW Iceland

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