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Mark and fellow Amel owners,

  I can tell you I just had an outstanding experience with QSails as far as the ordering process and receiving my sails.  Emrah and his crew did exactly what they said they were going to do in terms of the time line he said he could have my sails made and ready for shipment.  During the process QSails returned my emails sometimes immediately and always within a few days.  The worlds weirdness has effected everyone, some a lot more than others.  I can only speak from my experience with them which so far has been fantastic.  I can report the same service experience with Audry at ACMO, Nance and Underwood and Maureen at Coastal Climate Control inc, for my new refrigerator/Freezer.   Each of these companies for me, and my recent experience were easy to deal with, very helpful and they did exactly what they said they would do.  Once I get the rigging and sails set up I will share some photos for anyone interested. 


FEDEX can be the wild card for shipping abroad, as well as the local customs/export offices.  For example, my sails were completed, QSails made the FEDEX labels and then they were sent to the customs/export office and there they sat.  I had to call FEDEX after 2 weeks and apparently they then did the push to get the package released.  Carriers do have some pull.  Once it left there I received in about 5 days.  If packages get orphaned in either customs or FEDEX, then that’s when the fun begins to locate and get the items moving.  Make sure you do your customs forms for FEDEX or you will run into issues for sure.  If using other carriers, make sure you dig in deep and do all of the required forms (this can be a scavenger hunt) or once again you will more likely than not have delays and for sure a migraine. 


I share this with the group hoping you will have similar experiences and maybe as a glimpse of things getting back to normal.  


Best to all,



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Be careful comparing the costs of sails for a Santorin with a SM.


If you want costs for a SM, I suggest that you look at this:


The above page may help you to determine which quality and gives you the contact information you will need.

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Can you share what the cost was?




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Hi group

sometimes good news can be shared :-)

just received the new sails (main and mizzen, pro radial) from QSAILS. They arrived just in time and look great. We ordered in February, agreed deadline was end of June, and delivery was made today. Communication was always good, Emrah answered all inquiries within few days. Only fedex made some problems...

tadeja and herbert


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