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Slavko Despotovic

I will add my experience. I owned 4 boats since 1996. All except the last one (Amel) were new. If one is on the market for 20+ years old Amel it is always a little bit of lack and personal preparation. Surveyor will help in lot of aspects, give you a list of items that needs attentions and finally will give you fair market value of the boat  one is buying. Most of Amels on the market will have original rigging, original engine, original generator and mot other systems will be original. Maybe some electronics was replaced. Engine hours will be from 2000-5000 hours, generator from 1000-3000 hours and so on, watermaker 400-?? hours.
Amel or not, it is old boat that needs attention and care. Some owners are better some are not. 
I started process in 2019, made a list a requirements, budget and made assumption how much I will have to invest. In December 2019 I had a list of 12 Amels. In January 2020 I went to see 2 Amels and in July 2020 the third one. Finally I decided for one that I own today. Olivier have done survey in July 2020.
Surveyor (Olivier) market value was higher than one that I have negotieted. I added what was to be replaced (standing and some running rigging, sales and general maintenance plus whatever Oliver found to be fixed.
List of the items was long and at the range of 25% of purchased value of Bonne Anse and pretty much whit-in what I have originally planned. Now, 2 years later I have to say that there were not major surprises or disappointment.
General statement from Olivier, broker and myself was that Bonne Anse needs some care, cleaning, updating but in general it was sound and good boat for her age and for the price I was paying.
I think that surveyor (Olivier or other) will point out to possible problem of the boat you are buying. Olivier has very good knowledge of the Amel boats so he knows what to look for and most important he will give you a list of must do and list of other items to be fixed. He is very responsive after sales and will advise on many questions you might have.
This is from my side.

SM 2000
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