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Hi Paul, your list of expected expenses on a 20 year old boat seems to expect that everything aboard is 20 years old. It is an ongoing process keeping all systems functioning. One very experienced cruiser once told me that when you are living aboard if you dont do three jobs a day you fall behind. I dont know whether that number is exact but I know that I never dare to think: aahh, that's everything done because that immediately invites another task to rear its head. We long term owners who regularly use their boats are continually repairing and replacing so there is no way you would be hit with the lot immediately after purchase. However if you get a boat that has had little use for 5 years or has been laid up ashore for two or three years, that is a very different beast and who knows what is lying in wait for you. My advice. Look for a boat that has been in continual use by a good owner. Good meaning one who loves and cares for his boat.
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It would be very interesting to see detailed reasons for dissatifaction. Had buyer underestimated cost of expected refit? Underestimated cost of Amel ownership or were there a significant number of unexpected major component failures.
Whatever details could help prospective buyers.
From what I have heard it is unlikely to be a problem with the perceived best Amel surveyor in the business but more as stated in previous response a matter of expectations.
As for me, I expect to have to replace sails, replace fixed and running rigging, overhaul all motors and gearboxes, likely replace ac units, replace hoses, overhaul electrical system, clean hull and paint, and likely replace electronics on any 20 year old boat I buy. Just the above will run at least US $60,000, and that's before surprises!
All prospective Amel buyers should speak to Bill, buy his book and read it, your eyes will be opened.

Paul Harries
Prospective Amel Buyer

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