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I had this once and it was seals in the turbo. It was a near new just still in warranty  Volvo D 2 75 with only a few hours on it. After vigorous pushing from me Volvo replaced the turbo.
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Like many issues, this can have multiple causes. The most serious cause is worn piston rings causing ignition blow-by. Other causes can be the timing is not correct because of a worn timing belt and/or tensioner, or a computer or sensor malfunction. 

I think this is time to get a qualified Volvo mechanic onboard.


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Dear Amelia’s

I’m not a Diesel-Engine Mechanic or Engineer and therefore excuse my unqualified question. I have discovered Oil dropping out of the Air-Filter on my Volvo D3-110 iC and I’m not sure if this is something unusual and I have to worry about it? I changed the Air-Filter about a year ago and maybe this happens after several hours of use.


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